We took our 10 year old dog in for her first visit with Dr. G about a month ago and decided to get her teeth cleaned as well. Thank God we did, and thank God Dr. G was thorough enough in looking at her mouth while she was under that he caught a melanoma in her mouth.

After biopsy and further tests it looks like we caught it early - his referral to an oncologist at Blue Pearl was terrific and Dr. G is going to perform the follow-up surgery to clean out the spot - with minimal discomfort for my dog.

I am so lucky he caught this.  He has a tiny storefront on 1st Avenue, I know it doesn't look like much, but there is a deep well of knowledge there and he is a terrific vet.  Highly recommend!

— Elisabeth C.
Manhattan, NY

Dr Giangola is crazy busy, so if you take your animal there be patient.

The staff is amazing and kind to all the animals , they try their hardest to keep things moving smoothly. Dr Giangola is a no nonsense Dr, very conservative and not out just to sell you things that are not necessary,  he just wants to see your pet be well.

We are so happy to have made this new connection!

— Laura H.
North Eastham, MA

I heard about Dr. G from a fellow dog owner on my block... she raved about Dr. G so I made an appointment with the doctor, and have been so happy with his care of my dog.

He is fantastic and is very careful and conservative with his care. My dog was limping and rather than jumping into surgery, Dr. G put my dog on a prescription to see if surgery could be avoided.  In the end,  surgery was necessary and my dog is walking perfectly.

I am so happy to have found Dr. G who really cares about all animals.
— Diane S.
Manhattan, NY
Dr. G has personally saved the life of several of my kitties. On top of that he has always given me a discount and has been compassionate and kind.

I live way across town and have at least 30 veterinarians between me and his office, but I wouldn't go anywhere else with my beloved animals.

He is the best in the business and I will gladly shout that from the rooftops
— Bob B.
Manhattan, NY
Bob cat

Bob's favorite feline